Frequently asked questions about our Queensland concreting services

We’ve provided answers to many of the questions we’re asked by clients about our concreting services, to assist you with any queries you might have. If you can’t find the information you’re after here, please call our friendly team on 0428 199 943 and they’ll be happy to help.


(Q) When buying pre-mixed concrete, how many bags are necessary to lay a cubic metre?

(A) You will need 110 x 20kg bags of pre-mixed concrete.

(Q) What is the concrete mix ratio for building footings or foundations?

(A) It’s 1 part builders cement to 3 parts aggregate and 3 parts sand.

(Q) If the weather is cool, can this affect how quickly concrete will set?

(A) Yes. It’s generally recommended that concrete should be laid when it’s over 10°C and under 35°C.

(Q) What’s the process used to cure concrete after it’s been laid?

(A) After concrete has been laid, the edges and surface must be kept moist for up to a week to cure.

(Q) What scale concrete structures can you design and install for civil projects?

(A) We can design and install concrete structures of any scale and scope.