Residential Concreting – Sunshine Coast

Bampak has the capabilities to provide a complete range of residential concreting services throughout the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland. From ground preparation, formwork and reinforcement installation through to concreting Bampak can offer the complete solution for your project

Our team offer quality workmanship and will deliver your project safely and on schedule.

Some of the many services we offer include:

  • Excavation Works
  • Building Footings
  • Retaining Walls
  • Plain Concrete
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Coloured Concrete
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Carpark
  • Stencil Concrete
  • House Slabs
  • Shed Slabs
  • Patios

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Patio PLain - Sunshine Coast in Beach, QLD

Grey concrete is ideal if you’re wanting a classic look that’s cost-effective. It’s available in either a broom, covered or flat finish. Depending on the finish you choose, grey concrete can be simply elegant or elaborate.

The benefit of coloured concrete is it’s versatile enough to match seamlessly with the surrounding buildings and natural environment. It’s generally low maintenance and if the surface is chipped or damaged over time, this won’t affect the surface colour. Before application, the colour is added to the pre-mixed concrete, so it’s not a topping or a spray-on finishing, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Aggregate Concrete - Sunshine Coast in Beach, QLD

Exposed aggregate is a popular type of concrete for driveways, paths and entertaining areas, as there’s such a wide variety of aggregates and colours available. During application the stones or pebbles are added to the pre-mixed concrete and once set the aggregates are exposed, providing a natural, earthy finish.

Durable, contemporary and low maintenance, polished concrete can add a lustrous finish to all types of environments. A major benefit of polished concrete is it can be customised with different aggregates and stains to achieve a diverse range of looks. To achieve this finish, the concrete surface is polished with grinding pads that progressively become finer and then a surface sealer or wax is applied.


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